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#1Society: The online festival to converge hearts and minds for a new future June 10 – 14, 2020


Syndikat, a new decentralised impact accelerator, and De:Days, Europe’s premier gathering for decentralised technologies, have teamed up to launch 1Society, an online festival, conference, hackathon and training event. In times of mandated Social Distancing, they are bringing people together as #1Society

This one-week online event will mark a first in decentral and community-driven ideation and acceleration of solutions with real-world impact. Moving beyond the first level, immediate consequences the globe faces, to the longer term, more significant impacts and challenges brought about or exposed by COVID-19.

We’re converging the brightest minds and most progressive voices from industry, technology, governance, health, and wider society together to give birth to mindsets and pathways. This will transcend us beyond the grave social and economic challenges of our time. 

Bringing together speakers, panelists and mentors with expertise in the following areas:

1LIFE: This stream will work on solutions and perspectives for a broader view of life on Earth that includes mental & physical health, ethics, mindfulness, biotech, agritech, human trafficking and domestic violence and medtech, circular and local economies, food, water, sustainability, global migration, agritech, and global (big) data.

1CITY: Cities are the pulsating centres of global life in the 21st century. This stream looks at everything to do with urban development, mobility, the impact of the economic crisis on cities, sustainable living, renewable energies, and Smart Cities. 

1ECONOMY: Unemployment has increased to historical levels overnight, while how we connect, communicate, and govern our societies is changing. This stream will look at Work 4.0, collaboration, decentralised standards, as well as governance, regulation, UBI, RegTech, LegalTech.

1EDUCATION:  The education sector is going through massive and unprecedented disruptions. Triggered by the crisis and our shift to virtual models of instruction, a marked acceleration of digital transformation is now notable in the entire sector. Topics such as AI-assisted learning, blockchain for credentialing, Smart Campus, virtual learning environments, VR/AR in education, and the future of the university system will be explored.

1CULTURE: Much of our lives now takes place within social, digital, and virtual media. With digital native generations now coming of age, the new decade is bound to see completely new forms of arts, aesthetics and popular culture emerge. This stream will look at topics like AI in art, AR/VR art, gaming, digital assets in games and artworks, and the future of arts and entertainment.

Bridget Greenwood, Director of Partnership Operations and Impact at Syndikat; “It’s clear we can’t continue with the profit at all costs model, profit over our planet and people. Nor continue to allow decisions that impact us globally be made by just a handful.” 

The festival will deploy crowd-driven innovation, pool resources, share access, and generate collective intelligence to facilitate the participation of all stakeholders and participants, and guide the hackathon.

With a strong commitment to Diversity and Inclusion, 1Society is composed of a conference, a hackathon, breakout sessions for body, mind, and spirit, and the opportunity for tailored training and development. #1Society will provide opportunities for participants to learn, contribute and co-create. Everyone is invited to forge new partnerships, new solutions, create new ventures, and new ways of thinking.

5 days of online sessions, recorded materials, and live training. Topics ranging from: “How should we tackle Ethical Dilemmas that are we facing on Data Privacy vs. People’s Health?”, over “How should Society set itself up for the Post-Corona Economy?”, and “How should Human and Machine interaction be Regulated and Governed in the Coming  Economy” to “How to invest and divest for a Future Proof Portfolio”. 

Natascha Sacher, lead event organiser has said: “Our most important philosophy and aimed approach is: From practitioners for practitioners. We want everyone who shares our vision of a new future to be involved and we’ll give them the tools they need to be empowered to do so.”

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