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Author Topic: [Live - ICO] [ERZ] [EarnzCoin] Mineable~Stakeable~Masternodes~Lending~Referrals  (Read 727 times)


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Welcome one & all to the EarnzCoin Announcement Thread on the Bitcointalk Forums

What is EarnzCoin all about ?

EarnzCoin is a multifaceted Digital Currency that is X-11 based with PoW/PoS and is the first of its kind in an ever growing market it will also have a lending platform, a referral program and will be ASIC miner friendly. However, the best feature of all that EarnzCoin brings to the table is that it is the first and only lending coin that also offers integrated working Masternodes.

Become part of the EarnzCoin community by joining the Pre-Purchase Phase with the ability to purchase ERZ using one of three Cryptocurrencies which include BTC, LTC & DOGE.

The Pre-Purchase Phase Website is now Live to the Public, you are able to Purchase ERZ directly from the Website.

There will be a total of 4 Million EarnzCoin [ERZ] available for purchase for a length of 2 weeks or until sold out, whatever happens first. *Coins that are unsold will be sent to a Burn address*

The entry point will have 5 Rounds, the cheapest starting at 10c cents per ERZ working its way up to 50c as the highest purchasable price per coin. *1k, 2k, 8k, 16k, 32k ERZ Min/Max per Purchase*

Users will have the ability to stake or setup Masternodes after receiving their coins from the Pre-Purchase Phase to earn daily interest.

*After the Pre-Purchase Phase has concluded there will be no refunds on Purchased Coins*

There will be a Twitter Campaign along with incentive for Youtube Channel Owners who do reviews, mentions or shout outs towards EarnzCoin [ERZ]

Twitter Campaign Active: 100 EarnzCoin for each user who Re-Tweets & Likes or even posts about ERZ
*Conditions required:
*Twitter Account must have 200+ Real Followers, maximum 1 claim per user.
*Post your ERZ address on the Twitter Comment/Like/Re-Tweet.

Pre-Purchase Phase Referral Incentive Active:
*The conditions are as the following:
*John refers Jane and Jane makes one purchase, John then receives 400 ERZ as a reward for introducing Jane.
*Users can do this as many times as they like but it only applies to the first purchase of each new user that signs up under their referral link.
*You can find your own individual referral link here along with a list of users you have referred + pending ERZ referral payments.

Coin Name: EarnzCoin
Abbreviation/Ticker: ERZ
Algorithm: X-11 Hybrid PoW/PoS + Masternodes
Block Time: 3 Minutes
Total Coins: 33 Million
Pre-Mine: 10 Million
PoW Reward: 0.2 coins
PoS Reward: 0.6 coins
MN Reward: 1.4 coins
Collateral needed for MN: 8,000 coins
Minimum Stake Age: 3 Hours
Maximum Stake Age: Unlimited
Confirms Required for Mined Blocks: 50
Confirms Required for Sending/Receiving: 8

4M ERZ - Pre-Purchase Phase
1M ERZ - Developer Costs
5M ERZ - Held in Reserve for Loans & Referrals

Some of the Unique features of EarnzCoin are as follows:
   Pre-Purchase Phase - Become part of an ever growing community with a great rewards program
   Development Team
   Customer Support
   Not Promising Unrealistic Returns
   All fees earned by the EarnzCoin Foundation by Staking will be sent to a community pot for Promotional use
   Use BTC/LTC/DOGE to purchase ERZ during the Pre-Purchase Phase
   Earn some EarnzCoin by keeping your wallet open to stake or earn as a Masternode
   *Early exit possible at any-time with 30% penalty of Initial Loan
   Stable, Variable passive income with daily payouts
   No Bots, Wall Street Traders or Bears
   Initial loan deposits will be held in Offline wallets with multi-sig access
   Transparency Through Blockchain Technology
   Referral Program - 6 Tiers (Bearing interest from 1-8%)
   Ability to to mine EarnzCoin with energy efficient ASIC Hardware.
   Social Media & Bitcointalk Forum presence
   EarnzCoin will be listed on 2x Cryptocurrency Exchanges after the Pre-Purchase Phase has concluded

Mac OSX:


Android/iOS Mobile Wallets
Raspberry Pi Wallet
Enhanced GUI Wallets
Interactive Game/s to earn ERZ
Bi-Weekly/Monthly Promotional Raffle
Anon Interviews

*Read The WhitePaper*

Come earn with EarnzCoin !

Thank you

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Not long left until the EarnzCoin Pre-Purchase Phase ends (
If you're interested then have a browse of the ERZ Whitepaper + Join the Discord channel for a chat 🙂


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