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Author Topic: [ANN] [Pre-TDE] Giza Device  (Read 290 times)


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[ANN] [Pre-TDE] Giza Device
« on: December 30, 2017, 07:02:54 PM »

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[ICO] Giza Device - fully functional device for crypto currency
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2018, 07:35:29 PM »

All who have encountered crypto-currencies have certainly experienced the problem of storing their assets, passwords, and authentication. There are not many offers on the market that can reliably protect your tokens, you can literally count them on your fingers. And the already rapidly developing crypto industry and the modern digital economy are gaining momentum even more every month, and they are demanding ever more stringent requirements to protect confidential data, preserve passwords and prevent the loss of access to personal crypto-currency stores. All this is connected with the same rapid development of methods of hacking, stealing passwords and phishing.
The GIZA device supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ark, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Comodo, Ripple, Stratis, Zcash, PoSW and will support other currencies based on blockbuster.

Giza Device Features

In an emergency, all data stored in your GIZA device can be destroyed in three different ways: a false master password that can be configured by the user; a secret combination of the joystick, which is also configured, or several false master passwords.

The GIZA device has 16 GB of internal memory to store any of your valuable files and information. There is also the option of backing up to make sure that you can restore all of your data using a seed phrase of 24 words.

Thanks to the built-in battery, can remain up to 10 hours in the offline mode of active use. And as soon as the battery runs out, you can easily charge it from your PC or mobile phone or any other USB-compatible power source.

GIZA leaves no traces when working with an unfamiliar computer. This means that you do not need to install any particular software or save files on the computer with which you are working.

Along with the functionality of the hardware purse GIZA Device provides a full function of the hardware password manager. The password manager does not require any software or mobile application. You can enter your keys and passwords directly from your GIZA device, using it as a USB keyboard. Thanks to the built-in battery, GIZA can stay up to 10 hours in an offline mode of active use and allows users to generate TAN passwords anywhere. As soon as the battery runs out, you can easily charge it from your PC or mobile phone or any other USB-compatible power source.

Two-factor authentication is the basis of the GIZA security system. The idea is to provide impeccable security when managing password protection for token transactions and other security functions. When sending or accepting transactions on your GIZA hardware purse, you will be asked to verify two levels of authentication. This will serve as an additional level of security and will avoid problems with unwanted access to your assets. However, it can be used as an autonomous system, which will be used to check access to websites, online accounts, etc.

The GIZA will also provide encrypted storage, secure digital storage for managing sensitive information, such as digital identifiers, documents, passwords, and so on.

Giza Device Ltd is running ico for cold wallets to store crypto currency. This company consists of young and ambitious developers who consider their goal to improve ways of storing crypto currency. This team already has in its arsenal an impressive list of technological developments.

When buying GIZA tokens, all participants in the token distribution event confirm that the tokens they bought are not of real value, and the profit can only be made by the owners of tokens who seek to lease their license to future GIZA users with possible participation from Giza Device Ltd.
The GIZA token is the unit of cost of the software license for the GIZA device. The cost of a software license is 80% of the cost of each GIZA device. Thus, 80% of the company's reward can be distributed among holders of GIZA tokens.

Analyzing the current state of affairs in the market of devices for hardware storage of crypto currency, you can make a confident conclusion that Giza Device with its level of security, functionality and convenience will become the absolute leader in this segment.

Start - Pre TDE 08.01.2018

Price - 1 GIZA:

Pre-TDE 1st $ 0,20

Pre-TDE 2nd $ 0,30

TDE 1st $ 0,60

TDE 2st $ 0,80

TDE 3st $ 1


White paper


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