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Author Topic: - mining monitor (ewbf,claymore,sgminer...) ios/android  (Read 451 times)


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7000+ Workers    

>>>>> <<<<<

NEW: antMiner Support! Over with over 100 cryptocurrency supported, S9, T9, L3, D3 and more..

English, French, Chinese, German, Hungarian, Russian, Thai interface
Tutorial video for beginners:

- Worker Monitoring [Hashrate, GPU, Uptime] UP TO 16 GPU's / worker
- Real-time Revenue Calculation [/worker, and sum statistics]
- Integrated Exchanges [Polo, Bittrex, Kraken][Sell and view your balance]
- Nicehash Integration [Nicehash Balance, Nicehash realtime revenue calculation on dashboard]
- Profit Switch Algo [Mine the best profitable coin all the time][Currently only AMD, NVIDIA very soon!]
- Dual-mining Algo [For the best profit's]
- Public Profile [ ]
- Email, Telegram and Onsite Alerts [Down notification, and lot more..]
- Automatic WattTool Tool for RX400 Series
- Remote Control [Reboot or Switch miner on your rig from the website with 1 click]
- CoinMarketCap integration [with Dashboard widget]
- Uptime and Revenue Chart [GPU charts soon]
- iOS / Android App
- 2FA with Google Authenticator (OPTIONAL)
- Failover if minerstat service is DOWN, you can access and run your client. We have backup servers!  ;)

- JSON API [You can integrate our services to your own website]
- Affiliate Program [If you have a website, blog, youtube channel, twitter.. you can earn btc with us]

Search "Minerstat" on Google Play / Apple App Store

Third party (COMING SOON)

TP-LINK Smart Plug [Auto reboot crashed rigs]
Lametric time [Smart home]

and much more support coming very soon.

- Windows / Linux
- Graphics UI
- Start with windows
- Integrated OpenHardWare Monitor
- Settings Application
- AutoUpdater Included [Download the latest clients on start][ex: calymore, ewbf miner]
- Huge miner support:
1) ccminer [alexis, krnlx, tpruvot, spmod]
2) claymore [dual, xmr, zec]
3) ewbf
4) gatelessgate
5) optiminer
6) sgminer [gm, pasc]
7) Ethminer
8} XMR-STAK-CPU (with removed dev fee) [cpu mining]

CLIENT [Linux]
- Apha in NodeJS is out:
- New Version is under-dev:

Under-Dev (Roadmap)

ios: Add to homescreen:
android: Download APK:


mining monitor, miner monitor, eth monitor


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