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Author Topic: [ANN] BlockMunch.Club - ONLY Multi-Pool to pay out in POS Coins! 63 Active Coins  (Read 459 times)


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Pool News

We now support the payout in POS coins!  Help your favorite coin by mining and getting paid in the coin of your choice!  This will help create a positive pressure on price as we will be purchasing the coin to pay out miners.  A few things to note about this new service.

  • Coin must be listed in order to get paid (the coin will be listed but greyed out in the pool), you can request a new coin to be added by PM'ing us & posting the request in this forum.
  • Payout's in this coin may be delayed up to 48 hours.  This is because we may need to buy more of the coin in order to pay the miners!  If you feel like its been too long please PM us and we will be glad to help or give you an update!

Original Post

Hi Everyone,

BlockMunch.Club is a new multi-pool, with a low fee of 0.25%!  Currently looking for advice on coins to add, and what we need to do to attract more users, and earn more business!  We would like to hear from you, as you can be our potential customers!  We know that in any successful business that taking care of the customers is key.  And this is what we plan to do.  Below is a list of items we would like feedback on though please feel free to add more feedback as this is an unmoderated thread!

Feedback Requested

  • What do you want to see in a Multi-Pool?
  • What support channels would you like to see?  (Forum, Twitter, Etc)
  • What is some value add items we could give you?  (Forum, Coin Tools)
  • What Coins & Algo's would you like to see?
  • How can we add more traffic and more miners to our pool?

We would also like to start a referral program, but would like advice on what you would like to see on this program.

Once we start generating revenue we will also start looking for forum managers and customer service providers, which we will pay a portion of the pool profits.  (This will be down the line, unless we have some volunteers to start!

Please let us know!  We are already up for mining but like we said we are looking for the community to help us become successful and make you more money!


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