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Author Topic: [POOL][] New yiimp Mining Pool (0% fee until 1/12 then 0.5-1%)  (Read 985 times)


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Dear miners and crypto-currency believers,

We opened a new European (Yiimp-based) mining pool with friends:

We are a team of passionate in crypto-currency and interested in the smallest and newest currencies (we will focus to avoid "shitty"). We trust in crypto and we want to contribute to the system. We share our time to release the best platform we can offer to all users and mostly to ourselves.
We want to offer a stable and efficient platform. We are very concerned to choose the best hardware and bandwidth. We will focus on targetting the best performance.

Our philosophy:
- Performance and Security.
- Unity and Community.
- Simplicity and no hassle.
- Minimum fees.
- The whole system is a chance.

Our mining fee will be of 0% until 1/12/2017. After the launch period, it will be fixed between 0.5% and 1%.

Key features:
- European dedicated server with DDos Protection and Secure Web server (HTTPS)
- Small mining fee : 0% until 1/12. After, between 0,5% and 1%
- Anonymous and no registration !
- Hourly payment
- yiimp multi-algo with several coins
- Everything is tested on a second non-productive server before launching to minimize your risks on the actual mining pool. (new stratum, webpages changes, payments and other code updates)
- We try to focus on new and powerful coins
- We need your feedbacks to improve your experience

- Algo Blake2s: Info coin (INF), NevaCoin (NEVA), AltCommunity Coin (ALTCOM)
- Algo nist5: Coimatic 2.0 (CTIC2), Cakeslices (CAKES)
- Algo Skein: BitcoinPlanet (BTPL)
- Algo Skunk: Signatum (SIGT)
- Algo Tribus: Denarius (DNR)

Our Team:
Our team is composed by 3 persons: a Developer, a cow-boy Tester and a Designer. bSkc, the Developer has experience with PHP/MySQL and Networking.
The Designer, Sparky, has a lot of experience in mining different current currencies and building mining hardware.
phm87, the cow-boy Tester follows strict testing rules but he is used to find root-cause and change the code if needed.

- Can I request to add a coin ? (Please, yes!)
Reply to this thread, contact us on Twitter (@unimining), or send us an email to but please check that the algo is in the yiimp-compatible list (*). Please keep in mind that a minimal hashing power is needed in order to find blocks regularly so it won't be honest to add highly competitive coins as our newly created mining pool won't be able to find blocks (or one block after several weeks).
- Why would you charge a 0.5-1% mining fee and not more ?
Our aim is not to gain money, we have our stupid jobs for that.
- Do you plan to upgrade your infrastructure if the server reach its limits ?
Yes, its the aim of the future 0.5-1% mining fee. We just want to assume our charges.
- Where is my payment ?
The payments are performed each hour for all (unpaid) balances above 0.001. If you participated in the mining of a block of a crypto-currency, if the block is not orphan or uncle, when the block is confirmed (a few minutes, hours or days for some cryptos), your balance will be increased of X (=block reward minus pool fee ) percent of accepted shares for the block.
- Where can I ask a question ?
Reply this thread, contact us on Twitter (@unimining), or send us an email to

(*) List of hashing algorithms compatible with yiimp:
Please check that the coin you'd like to request to add have a hashing algorithm present on this list:
Mining Pool op @


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