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Author Topic: [ANN][AIRDROP] Marinecoin - Fast Eco-Friendly AI IoT Payment Network  (Read 89 times)


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Marinecoin Relaunch - Fast Eco-Friendly AI IoT  Payment Network

This coin development was originally started in 2013 and was launched initially in 2014. The coin was delisted in 2015.  Since late Jan 2018, Marinecoin is reborn with stronger technology and wider community support.

90% of maximum supply or 9 billion coins will be airdropped to the lucky 20,000 seed members in an equally fashion. 

Marinecoin,  Symbol  MTC

Total Circulating Supply: 9,762,000,000
Maximum Supply Cap: 9,999,999,999


Percent of airdrop out of total maximum supply: 90%.

450,000 MTCs per person, limit to first 20,000 sign up.  As of March 8, 2018, roughly 3,300 people already signed up and obtained the airdrop.
Proof of Promotion is required to obtain the airdrop. For details on how to participate in the airdrop, please visit:

Proof of Promotion Rules (3.8.2018):
              directly in the forum:

Home Page:
Official DISCORD:
Community Telegram:
Community Telegram Ann:

Price Chart

Marinecoin/Dogecoin Trading Pair:


Available trading pairs:  MTC/BTC , MTC/LTC,  MTC/DGE 
Feature: anonymous account signup and trading allowed.  Withdraw and deposit available for Marinecoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.
Trading Fee Fixed at %0.25
Withdraw Fees:  BTC - 0.0007,  LTC - 0.02,   MTC - 2,     DOGE - 2


Windows or Mac OS  wallet download link will be emailed after SMS verified at exchange registration. The wallet download link is also posted in
Marinecoin forum at

Major Project Update

 Jarvis AI :

 MTC Mining and Jarvis Coin ICO:

 MTC Guardianship Program and Seed Node:

 Dev-less Concept, Jarvis AI, Philosophy:
 Jarvis Coin Revolution, New Coin Creation Service:

 Fast Block-chain

Marinecoin block-chain is 500% faster than Bitcoin's even on its default power save mode,
confirmation speed can be increased 100x times the default speed during busy hours of the day.


The entire Marinecoin network confirmation system consumes the energy that equals to a single light bulb,
providing the safe peer to peer security no matter how much the network grows.

 Low fees

Many blockchains reached their maximum capacity causing significant problems to their users. Marinecoin fast network provides essentially zero fees and timely confirmation.
This low fees feature is very important for IoT device machine to machine payment as high fees are typically not suitable for micropayments
 for AI or IoT transactions.

 Resilient network
Marinecoin updated new settings protect the network from potential high-intensity attacks to disrupt the flow of payments.

This is what we offer

  We Maximize Potential
 Lightweight source code, Marinecoin Core provides easy entry for developers at any level of skills to start their blockchain based projects, fast.

 Cutting-Edge Technology
  Blazing fast transaction & confirmation times. Lightweight core wallet which is suitable for IoT devices with low system resources.

  Premium Exchange
  A coin has its own exchange funded by Marinecoin Foundation. Marinecoin own exchange provides liquidity from day one.

  Community Driven
 Seed community driven, used by real verified individuals and developers.

  Fair Distribution
  Marinecoin is distributed equally to an enthisastic seed commnity with the goal to create an exciting environment
similar to the early days of Bitcoin.

  Friendly Support
 If you have any question about implementing Marinecoin into your production environment for IoT or any web based application, feel free to ask us for help.


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Re: [ANN][AIRDROP] Marinecoin - Fast Eco-Friendly AI IoT Payment Network
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2018, 07:37:31 PM »
 There is a great FREE airdrop being held, unlike the countless scams and phishing airdrops that are going on currently. Marine coin is legit project that goes back to 2013. Marinecoin is going  to: Create a truly global actually usable and stable crypto currency by avoiding regulatory roadblocks and doing a free ICO instead of a money grabbing ICO Right now these Marinecoins are up for grabs are completely free, You will get  450 000 marine coins for doing a proof of promotion  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity- 450 000 coins for everyone who joins
Check it here:


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