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Author Topic: 🔄🔄🔄🔄 ―――― ▲ MOIN ―― 2 Years On, Still Going Strong! ―― 🔄🔄🔄🔄  (Read 12101 times)


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Fortnightly Sunday Update #16

Hello out there everyone.  Time again for the fortnightly update.  Check it out!

Researching Swap Options

The team has been researching and discussing our options regarding the swap.  We are looking at other projects and the ways they performed their swaps for ideas. There are lots of projects to look at for reference so we will try to find the best ideas for Moin.

Subreddit Open For Buisness

We opened up the subreddit @ to the public so be sure that you swing by and say hi.  We have our tipbot going and would love to get some good community interactions built up in there.  Come join us!

Developing Moin Movement League Specifics

We have been doing some brainstorming and planning to put together some details of the upcoming Moin Movement League.  We are developing a fun achievement system that will help provide people with direction and reward them for promoting Moin. Details to come!

Peace! -Jookly


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