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808 Cryptocurrency, one year after…

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Just a bit over a year since the launch of 808 & we’ve seen the market rise past a million dollars while it’s circulating supply is still low & sustainable, an increase in productivity & community growth, current & future updates mainly requested by the community were evaluated then released, and customers are being treated fairly with all answers when in need of support by the 808 community themselves.

“A long term currency designed for a long term community. Many are beginning to realize the potential profit & success you receive when you stake 808. You’ll soon realize you’re in a race with yourself to keep your coins in larger blocks of a million just so you can receive that stake even sooner, or maybe you’ll continue to compound your coins for a larger reward far more substantial than the standard 808.8% APR. Unlike many coins this delivers a full package full of worthy updates, you’ll acquire you’re stake on time and you will not be required to keep your wallet online 24/7.” – 808 Dev Team

The community actively promotes 808 coins on a daily basis, far more than it has since launch. We noticed released videos that had mentioned 808 & it’s insanely high compounding rate labeling it superior among all others along with numerous articles & guidelines showing other individuals an outlook of what they could potentially obtain with this crypto currency. Members such as Junson Chan who had recently published his own book on 808, Mine Bigly: How To Earn 200%-808% Annual Returns, regarding his success & how to get started, most alt coins don’t even receive this. He has this planned to be a long term project, he averages around 30,000 Twitter followers & keeps his profits posted.

808 is very worthwhile to stake while the rewards are remarkable, depending on the amount you choose to hold can make them greater. Now that the price is constantly rising it’s very profitable to invest in. Cryptopia still holds its own as the best current place to purchase & sell 808, new exchanges should be expected however along with minor markets. High proof of stake coins with large rewards are popular by many, & are constantly being released, it’s rare to see a high POS currency strive for as long as 808 has. The price of 808 will soar soon enough, the market keeps it at a minimum on the sale side rarely rising. If the market decides to decrease in value it will only allow new consumers to get in cheap & increase distribution. Recently 808 had been selling between the 10-20 price range & has vastly increased around 40-50 satoshi’s.

The 808 community grows fast along with the coin value and that alone will allow more people to learn about this wonderful coin. A great developer who’s had many years giving his part in the crypto community & community group full of leaders who follow. The community has a sense of satisfaction & everlasting success knowing there invested in these hands. Keep up to date with there most popular threads & social media accounts, a currency well worth investing especially for those in need.

Find more info about 808 Coin on their Official BitcoinTalk Thread.

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